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L.G.S Shinsetsu Houshin Engi My Thoughts

Well I just finished playing L.G.S yesterday. So except for the a few cgs at them end here is my spoiler free review, or mainly what I thought of the game. I thought that the game was really good. I was not like beat down your neighbor, but it has made me personally a hardcore fan. I was a little worried because it was coming out after the highly advertised Toki no Kizuna and the surprise smash Jyuuza engi; so I initially thought that it would be an okay game. However I really enjoyed the game, and am so happy that I got it. I found the CGs to be beautiful, however I felt that there were a few missed CGs opportunity here and there, but overall I enjoyed the choices. The game has good endings (one sennin and the other yokai sennin) and multiple bad endings. You do have to play many if not all of the bad endings in order to get enough points to unlock everything in the extras. Any way I will now rank the paths several different ways:

Overall enjoyment of their paths:

1. Taikoubou

2. Kou Tenka

3. Sou Dakki

4. Ki Hatsu (I was a really close call for me between dakki and hatsu)

5. Gyokutei (yeah I will have little spoiler free rant about him in a bit)

Favorite Sennin ending

1. Kou Tenka

2. Taikoubou

3. Ki Hatsu

4. Sou Dakki

5. Gyoukutei

Favorite Yokai sennin ending

1. Ki Hatsu

2. Sou Dakki

3. Taikoubou

4. Kou Tenka

5. Gyoukutei

Conflict in the routes

1. Taikoubou

2. Kou Tenka

3. Gyoukutei

4. Sou Dakki

5. Ki Hatsu (again dakki and hatsu really tied here)

Right now for my rant on Gyoukutei, I just did not enjoy he route at all. Originally it was because of Yousen and Gyoukutei’s back story relationship. NO I do not mean that he is her teacher, I do not have a problem with sensei routes. There are actually quite a few that I like. However, I don’t like that fact that Gyoukutei raised her. I have never really cared for that type of route. Even so I thought that he might do something to impress me, and make me like his route. After all the man had such bad luck that he was always injuring himself. However, he did the opposite. The actually story behind what he was doing seemed interesting (from what I understood, cause I am not fluent in Japanese though I did take it in college so I know enough to have an idea of what is going on), but his behavior itself began to get old. In fact his route alone changed my opinion about a character.  Sekiseishi would be the character that I found annoying. However, Gyokutei made me wish I could be on a love route with Sekiseishi instead. I now have a fondness for Sekiseishi (well when he is not wearing the panda suit….. I can know ignore how he talks unless he is wearing the panda suit). So yeah I am sure a lot of people will and do like Gyokutei, but well I’m off to join the Taikoubou camp!

As for the other characters, well obviously from the rankings I loved Taikoubou route the most. I actually enjoyed his personality a lot. Which I did not think I would because I grew up with Ryu Fujisaki’s manga of Houshin engi so first to have him blonde and second to have a rather different personality than the Taikoubou I am familiar with so I didn’t think he would be my favorite character. I mean I thought that I would like his path, but I didn’t think it would get number 1.

As for Kou Tenka he was the first path that I did mainly because I did not want to do Gyoukutei’s first (I didn’t think it would give me a good first impression of the game), who as it turns out you have to play Taikoubou, Kou Tenka, and Ki Hatsu first or you will be stuck on an endless route of death in Gyokutei’s route….. any way back to Kou Tenka. He was a sweetie, and well something happened in his path I did not see coming (partly because I played his route first by yeah). Someone, I won’t say who, died that I did not see coming at all. I was really shocked! But it gave a lot interesting plot to his path so yeah.

As far as Ki Hatsu and Sou Dakki’s path goes I enjoyed both of them. However, Hatsu’s felt more isolated then the others when you make on to his individual path, and with Dakki I felt a little like I was betraying my friends (guess that is what I get for doing his path last, but I really didn’t have much of a choice since I wanted to get through Gyokutei’s route). I did like both of the personalities of the characters, and there where fun and sexy moments in both paths so yeah just cause they didn’t rank as high doesn’t mean I didn’t like them.

And finally 1 cg from each route that I like the most. (which it was hard to pick just one). So don’t click the read more button unless you are okay with spoiler pics. Oh and a BIG warning Kou Tenka pic is his final CG for his Sennin ending and Sou Dakki’s is the final for his yokai sennin ending!!!!! AND people so TOTALLY PLAY L.G.S!!!!

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